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Face Mask Machine – COVID-19

During the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Nylastex team was enlisted to aid the Detmold Group in establishing and launching a face mask production facility at their Brompton location. Working in close collaboration with the Detmold Engineering Group, we facilitated the installation of newly acquired equipment, diligently addressing and fine-tuning any operational issues to expedite the startup process. Remarkably, within just 16 weeks from the equipment procurement, the factory was churning out an impressive 750,000 masks per day.

Subsequently, once the facility was operational, our in-house design team collaborated closely with Detmold's General Manager and Engineers to implement essential adjustments and enhancements necessary to meet the stringent quality standards of the TGA (Therapeutic Goods Administration). These adaptations included the redesign and fabrication of the nose wire delivery unit, nose forming anvils, ear loop welding anvils, side loop anvils, weld anvils, and rotary knives. Our partnership with Detmold allowed us to provide a comprehensive solution, enabling them to meet their production target of delivering 1,000,000 medically-approved masks to SA Health and various Government Departments, both within South Australia and across state borders. Nylastex was chosen for this vital project for several compelling reasons. First and foremost, our in-house design capabilities and proficiency in machining and manufacturing made us an ideal partner. Secondly, our extensive prior experience in the production and modification of Special Purpose Built Equipment was a valuable asset. Lastly, our swift response to the Covid-19 crisis, coupled with our willingness to divide our team into two groups, effectively mitigated the risk to our employees while ensuring uninterrupted support to our valued customers.

Multi Cavity Plastic Injection Mould for Flip-Over Lid

After encountering difficulties in locating a suitable Australian Toolmaking company with the expertise to produce high-quality plastic injection molds, Nylastex was entrusted with the task of developing, designing, and manufacturing an eight-cavity tool. This tool was intended for a renowned global skincare brand and featured intricately detailed parts with exceptionally stringent tolerances.

The technical complexities of the tool design revolved around several key aspects:

1.The intricate shapes of the parts, which included a hinged component and an internal thread with a distinctive thread profile. 2.The exceedingly tight tolerances demanded by the project. 3.Managing material flow through the multiple cavities. 4.Addressing ejection challenges related to the unscrewing core, ensuring the safe release of parts without damaging the threaded elements. 5.Devising a bespoke in-mold closing mechanism that could automatically seal the flip-top cap before ejection. Before commencing the project, Geoff Philips, Director & CTO, meticulously reviewed the design brief in consultation with both the client and Nylastex's in-house tool design team. The primary hurdle to surmount was the development of an electrically-driven, custom in-mold closing mechanism. This mechanism needed to seamlessly activate the self-closure of the flip-top cap immediately after injection, preceding the ejection sequence. The challenge lay in determining the precise geometric and dimensional tolerances, as well as the sequencing of the closing arms, to minimise the required stroke distance for closure and the force necessary for the servo drive to securely snap the flip-top cap shut. Calculations factored in various variables, including the material's elastic modulus, maximum strain, stress within its elastic region, and the part's geometry. Initially, hypotheses were examined using computer-aided design tools before transitioning to the development, construction, and testing of a physical tool. Nylastex successfully conquered the intricate design and manufacturing challenges, delivering the tool within the stipulated timeframe. Nylastex's growth has been underpinned by its unwavering commitment to innovation and continuous improvement, as well as the cultivation of specialised expertise in plastic injection molding and custom engineering. This strategic focus has enabled the company to expand its presence and capabilities in the industry.


ASC approached Nylastex for assistance in finding a solution to reduce the weight and enhance the stability of the Hydroplane Shaft on the Collins Class submarines. This project was classified by ASC as a Risk Category 2 - Catastrophic, raising concerns for both ASC and Nylastex regarding the potential consequences of failure.

The successful execution of this project necessitated meticulous planning and the implementation of effective risk mitigation strategies. ASC engineers, in collaboration with Geoff Philips, worked on devising an innovative solution to address the challenges at hand.

The Hydroplane Shaft, with its length of 5.2 meters, posed a distinctive challenge of boring a 65mm hole through its central axis. Nylastex not only had the specialised equipment and expertise necessary for this task but also successfully accomplished the project objectives. This encompassed not only drilling the hole but also manufacturing and installing end cap assemblies to effectively seal the hollow shaft, preventing the ingress of seawater. As a testament to our innovative supply solution, we were honoured to receive the 2016 Innovation Award from the Collins Supply Council. This recognition underscores our commitment to delivering creative and effective solutions to support the Defence industry.

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